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Beneficial effects of sea buckthorn:

protects and strengthens the immune system,

slows down the aging process,

increases the body’s resistance capacity,

protects against various infections and has a boosting effect,

improves general health condition,

protects against the common cold due to its vitamin C content,

boosts metabolism and helps maintain ideal weight,

lowers the body’s blood sugar level,

protects the liver,

is good for the stomach,

slows down arteriosclerosis,

prevents hair loss,

and facilitates wound-healing.


It makes up close to 35-40% of the body’s protein content, and its various versions ensure the proper elasticity of our blood vessels, connective tissues, skin, muscles, joints and bones. After the age of 25-30, the human body’s collagen content starts to gradually degrade, and by the age of 50, we may have lost up to 60% of our bodies’ collagen resources. The skin begins to wrinkle, the hair starts to split, the muscles weaken and the bones become more vulnerable to injury; what’s more, degradation of the collagen network also facilitates the proliferation of cancerous cells.

This collagen supplement, with its adventitious agents (vitamin C) ensures the best absorption and utilisation of the daily collagen intake to help replenish the body’s collagen resources. Vitamin C plays an active role in collagen synthesis, catalysing the replenishment of body collagen.

The short protein chain of hydrolysed collagen ensures easy digestibility, while the over 95% amino acid base corresponds to the amino acid structure of human collagen.

Easy digestibility, perfect amino acid structure, fast and proven effect.

The suitability of the product was tested by athletes over several years – it significantly improved their physical condition and joint mobility, while sustaining the agelessness of their skin and hair.

Many people experience stretched skin after weight loss, which can be prevented with conscious collagen consumption, leaving the skin supple and smooth even after significant loss of body weight.

If you wish to preserve your youth for decades to come, collagen intake over the age of 25-30 is indispensable.

It is derived from pigs, with a genotype closest to that of humans out of all livestock animals.

Magnesium contributes to:

decrease in fatigue,

proper functioning of the nervous system,

normal muscle function,

the retention of normal psychological function.

Scientifically proven health claims authorised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

L-lysine may aid absorption into the muscles (stimulating growth hormones),

prevents the accumulation of fat,

strengthens the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity.

In addition, lysine also takes part in collagen synthesis.

It is particularly effective in preventing and treating herpes,

helps preserve bone health by facilitating calcium absorption in the body,

reduces visible signs of aging on the skin,

and has a beneficial impact on heart health.

Perhaps the most important benefit of vitamin C is its incredible ability to energise the body. As it strengthens the immune system, it can be effectively used in treating or preventing countless diseases. It’s worth highlighting that vitamin C has an unparalleled ability to improve general health condition. Regular consumption helps us wake up feeling more rested, reduces the risk of fatigue during the day, and helps us sleep deeper during the night.

Vitamin C also increases collagen production, which is important in wound healing and in preserving the elasticity of connective tissues and blood vessels. Vitamin C, therefore, accelerates the healing of both internal and external wounds, strengthens the bones, teeth, cartilages and tendons.

Recommended use

Daily dose: 1-2 measuring spoonful (10-20 g)

It can be mixed with 1-2 dl of water, tea, fruit juice or yoghurt, ideally in the morning hours before meals or in the evening before bedtime. It is recommended to be consumed quickly, as it soon starts to gelatinise.

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